The story behind our hanger logo

Teksten under er hentet fra


…There were a lot of ideas thrown back and forth, when inspiration suddenly came from one of Andreas’ many tattoos. A hanger tattoo on his right upper arm and a symbol of the business and personal interest he’s been part of his entire life. The hanger became a discrete symbol that embodied what Andreas has been passionate and worked for his entire life.

We all looked at it; thinking that a clothes hanger is a perfect example of a genius design, almost unchanged for over 100 years. There are several varieties, colors and materials used, but the essence is a perfect combination of design and functionality.

”The hanger is in its simplicity a perfect symbol of combining design, form and function. Thus, the hanger became our brand logo and symbol, a daily reminder of what we strive to achieve; Clothing with optimal design and function” – Maria Skappel Holzweiler, Designer Holzweiler.